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05/20/2018Pastor Clay Austin Who Is This Jesus?
Sunday Morning Matthew 22: 41-46
Understanding Jesus is both God & human.
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05/06/2018Pastor Clay Austin What Does God Say?
Sunday Morning Matthew 22:34-40
What does God say in the most important law to follow?
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04/29/2018Pastor Clay Austin The Power of God's Word
Sunday Morning Matthew 22:23-33
Is there really a resurrection?
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04/22/2018Pastor Clay Austin To Pay Tax Or Not To Pay Tax
Sunday Morning Matthew 22:15-22
Paying taxes to Caesar
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04/15/2018Pastor Clay Austin Don't Neglect God's Invitation
Sunday Morning Matthew 22: 1-14
Jesus tells the story of the wedding banquet for the king's son.
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04/08/2018Pastor Clay Austin The Parable of the Tenants
Sunday Morning Matthew 21:33-46
Jesus, the Master teacher, draws the Chief Priests i9nto his story.
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