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11/12/2017Pastor Clay Austin What Is Marriage? Part 1
Sunday Morning Matthew 19:1-12
When questioned about divorce, Jesus takes the Pharisees to school about marriage.
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10/29/2017Pastor Clay Austin But I Don't Want To Forgive!
Sunday Morning Matthew 18:21-35
The importance Jesus places on forgiving a brother or sister in Christ.
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10/22/2017Pastor Clay Austin Dealing With Sin In The Church
Sunday Morning Matthew 18:15-20
How to deal with a brother who sins against you.
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10/15/2017Pastor Clay Austin Israel: Then & Now
Special Service
What I learned on my trip to Israel
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09/24/2017Pastor Clay Austin How Much Are You Worth?
Sunday Morning Matthew 18:10-14
The Parable of the Lost Sheep
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09/17/2017Pastor Clay Austin The Heart of a Christian
Sunday Morning Matthew 18:1-9
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