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02/18/2018Pastor Clay Austin The Grand Entrance
Sunday Morning Matthew 21:1-11
Jesus' Triumphal entry into Jerusalem
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02/11/2018Pastor Clay Austin What Do You Want Jesus To Do For You?
Sunday Morning Matthew 20:29-34
Jesus heal the 2 blind men when leaving Jericho.
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02/04/2018Pastor Clay Austin How To Be Great
Sunday Morning Matthew 20:20-28
Jesus has to remind his disciples the importance of being servants.
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01/28/2018Pastor Clay Austin Facing Death
Sunday Morning Matthew 20:17-19
Jesus tells his disciples of His upcoming death & resurrection.
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01/21/2018Pastor Clay Austin The First Shall Be Last
Sunday Morning Matthew 19:30-20:16
Jesus' parable of the vineyard workers
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01/14/2018Pastor Clay Austin How Rich Do You Want To Be In Heaven?
Sunday Morning Matthew 19:16-29
Jesus promised that whatever we sacrificed to follow Jesus, we will receive 100 times that in heaven.
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