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01/14/2018Pastor Clay Austin How Rich Do You Want To Be In Heaven?
Sunday Morning Matthew 19:16-29
Jesus promised that whatever we sacrificed to follow Jesus, we will receive 100 times that in heaven.
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01/07/2018Pastor Clay Austin How Do I Get Eternal Life?
Sunday Morning Matthew 19:16-29
The young ruler who wants eternal life.
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12/31/2017Pastor Clay Austin God of The Second Chance
Special Service 2 Chronicles 33:1-19
When you think you can no longer be used by God, King Manasseh shows you can.
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12/17/2017Pastor Clay Austin This Shall Be A Sign
Sunday Morning Luke 2:8-20
The angels announcement to the shepherds
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12/10/2017Pastor Clay Austin O Come, Emmanuel
Sunday Morning Is. 7:14;Matt. 1:20-23
The longing & joy looking for Messiah to come come again.
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12/03/2017Pastor Clay Austin Should We Bless Children?
Sunday Morning Matthew 19:13-15
People bring children to Jesus for prayer
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