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09/16/2018Pastor Clay Austin What are You Doing With Your Talent?
Sunday Morning Matthew 25:14-30
What are you doing with the gifts God has given you?
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09/09/2018Pastor Clay Austin Being Prepared For Jesus' Return
Sunday Morning Matthew 25:1-13
The importance of being ready for Jesus' return.
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08/26/2018Pastor Clay Austin Can You Read The Signs? Are You Ready Pt 2
Sunday Morning Matthew 24:36-51
Being ready & alert for Jesus' return
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07/22/2018Pastor Clay Austin Can You read The Signs? Are You Ready?
Sunday Morning Matthew 24:36-51
No one knows the day or hour when Jesus will return.
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07/15/2018Pastor Clay Austin Can You Read The Signs? Jesus Is Coming
Sunday Morning Matthew 24:29-35
The immediate signs of the 2nd Coming
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07/08/2018Missionary Rico Santiago Rejoice in the Lord
Special Service Isaiah 61:10
The joy of salvation Sound quality varies due to the speaker leaving the microphone
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