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06/17/2018Pastor Clay Austin Can You Read The Signs?
Sunday Morning Matthew 24:1-8
Jesus tells of the destruction of the Temple.
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06/10/2018Pastor Clay Austin Hypocrisy: You Can't Fool God
Sunday Morning Matthew 23:13-39The 7 woe
The 7 woes against the Pharisees
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06/03/2018Pastor Clay Austin Hypocrites: Everybody Else But Me
Sunday Morning Matthew 23:1-12
Jesus demonstrates the hypocrisy of the scribes & Pharisees
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05/27/2018Pastor Clay Austin The Basic Plan of Salvation
Sunday Morning Various
The Plan of Salvation that brought me to Christ
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05/20/2018Pastor Clay Austin Who Is This Jesus?
Sunday Morning Matthew 22: 41-46
Understanding Jesus is both God & human.
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05/06/2018Pastor Clay Austin What Does God Say?
Sunday Morning Matthew 22:34-40
What does God say in the most important law to follow?
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