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12/25/2011Pastor Clay Austin The Marvelous Christmas Gift
Special Service Luke 2:11
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03/24/2013Pastor Clay Austin The First Last Supper
Sunday Mark 14:12-26
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03/31/2013Pastor Clay Austin Death & Resurrection, So What?
Special Service 1 Corinthians 5:7-8
How the death & resurrection should affect our life.
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01/24/2016Pastor Clay Austin Convenience Or Life?
Sunday Morning Gen.1:26-28;Ps.127:3-5; Pr. 24:10-12
How Pro Life are you?
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01/31/2016Pastor Clay Austin Foolish Or Essential Genealogy?
Sunday Morning Matthew 1:1-17
What we can learn from the genealogy of Jesus Christ.
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10/16/2016Pastor Clay Austin The Ultimate Rejection
Sunday Morning Matthew 7:15-29
Being rejected by God
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