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07/22/2018Pastor Clay Austin Can You read The Signs? Are You Ready?
Sunday Morning Matthew 24:36-51
No one knows the day or hour when Jesus will return.
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09/23/2018Pastor Clay Austin Jesus Return & Final Judgment
Sunday Morning Matthew 25:31-46
How Jesus separates the sheep from the goats.
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09/30/2018Pastor Clay Austin Preparation for Death
Sunday Morning Matthew 26:1-16
Matthew tells how preparations are made for Jesus death, from different perspectives.
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10/07/2018Pastor Clay Austin A Time To Remember
Sunday Morning Matthew 26:17-30
Insights to the Last Supper
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11/04/2018Pastor Clay Austin Who's In Charge?
Sunday Morning Matthew 26:47-57
When things seem out of control, Jesus is in full control.
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11/11/2018Pastor Clay Austin When Hatred Rules
Sunday Morning Matthew 26:57-68
Jesus Illegal trial before the Sanhedrin & high priest.
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