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11/04/2018Pastor Clay Austin Who's In Charge?
Sunday Morning Matthew 26:47-57
When things seem out of control, Jesus is in full control.
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12/02/2018Pastor Clay Austin Who Killed Jesus?
Sunday Morning Matthew 27:11-26Jesus
Jesus trial before Pilate
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04/28/2019Pastor Clay Austin Who Is This Jesus?
Sunday Morning 1 John 4:12-16
How God's love affects us.
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11/11/2018Pastor Clay Austin When Hatred Rules
Sunday Morning Matthew 26:57-68
Jesus Illegal trial before the Sanhedrin & high priest.
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08/04/2019Pastor Clay Austin We Want To See Jesus
Sunday Morning Revelation 1:9-20
John's vision of Jesus
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04/14/2019Pastor Clay Austin The True Origin Of Love
Sunday Morning 1 John 4:7-11
God is the true source of ALL love.
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