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02/25/2018Dr. Billy Graham 3 Things You Cannot Do Without
Special Service
A message from Dr. Graham in his precious memory.
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06/18/2017Pastor Clay Austin A Godly Life
Sunday Morning Matthew 14:1-12
John the Baptist's godly life is an inspiration to us.
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08/27/2017Pastor Clay Austin A Mountaintop Experience
Sunday Morning Matthew 17:1-13
The Mount of transfiguration
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07/09/2017Pastor Clay Austin Are You Clean?
Sunday Morning Matthew 15:1-20
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10/29/2017Pastor Clay Austin But I Don't Want To Forgive!
Sunday Morning Matthew 18:21-35
The importance Jesus places on forgiving a brother or sister in Christ.
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01/24/2016Pastor Clay Austin Convenience Or Life?
Sunday Morning Gen.1:26-28;Ps.127:3-5; Pr. 24:10-12
How Pro Life are you?
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