About our Pastor

Our Pastor, Clay Austin, is a 1977 graduate of the Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary in Denver, Colorado, receiving a Master of Divinity degree.  Since that time he has served in churches in New York, Wyoming and Colorado.  He spent 6 years serving as a Chaplain (Captain) in the Air Force, as well as working for some para-church organizations:  the Denver Christian Servicemen's Center and Christian Military Fellowship.  He accepted the call to be pastor of Faith Baptist Church in January of 2001.

Clay graduated from S.U.C. Brockport, NY in 1972, with a BA in Speech - Broadcasting.  He became a Christian three weeks after graduating from college, and 3 days later knew he had to spend the rest of his life telling others about our wonderful Savior.  Since that time he has developed an interest in Apologetics (the defense of the faith), and especially the scientific evidence that supports Biblical Creation.

Since 2004, Clay has also developed a love for motorcycling, and has been a member of the Pueblo Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, a world wide ministry to bikers, and is active in Prison Ministry through CMA.

Our Pastor's wife, Sharon Austin, became a Christian at the age of seven.  Besides a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, she has taken classes at Denver Seminary, and serves as the Sunday school teacher for the children here at Faith Baptist Church.  One pastor in Denver referred to Sharon as "the world's best Sunday School teacher." She loves working with children.